What is a VTEC

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What is a VTEC

VTECs connect Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs and bring together the support services necessary to prepare job seekers for long term employment. The guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts is the key feature of VTECs. It ensures:

vocational or job-specific training is directly related to available jobs
employers can recruit Indigenous job seekers with the right skills for specific jobs
job seekers are responsible for opting into available jobs
the commitment of job seekers is rewarded with guaranteed employment

VTECs work with service providers to bring together a comprehensive range of support for job seekers to build vocational and non-vocational capabilities. This includes:

obtaining a driver's license
literacy and numeracy training
work experience
pre-employment and job training.

Who can participate in the VTEC?

VTECs are open to Indigenous job seekers and school leavers and prioritise highly disadvantaged Indigenous job seekers.

Overview of the Components of VTEC Services

There five components of VTEC services are:

Community Engagement - Engaging with Indigenous communities and building work aspirations amongst Indigenous job seekers.
Work Readiness – Strengthening the capacity of Indigenous job seekers and comprehensively addressing barriers to employment.
Vocational Training - Preparing Indigenous job seekers for a specific job in line with employers’ requirements.
Guaranteed Job – A guaranteed job creates mutual commitment between job seekers and employers.
Post Placement Support - Focusses on employee retention which could include employee mentoring and cultural awareness support for employers.

As a jobseeker moves through these five stages, their progression is strongly supported. While VTECs are responsive to the specific needs of Indigenous communities and employers, all VTECs follow the five stage process to ensure job seekers are equipped and empowered to take guaranteed jobs.

VTECs operate with the support and involvement of local Indigenous communities and their leaders. VTECs are aligned to the values and needs of both Indigenous communities and employers.

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For further information on the Vocational Training & Employment Centres please email info@generationone.org.au or call GenerationOne 08 6460 4949.

VTECs are an Australian Government initiative based on the GenerationOne demand-led vocational training and employment model. The Australian Government has committed up to $45 million for VTECs to train up to 5000 Indigenous job seekers.