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Wirrpanda Foundation Mining and Construction Vocational Training an Employment Centre

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The Wirrpanda Foundation is proud to be one of the West Australian VTEC's (Vocational Training and Employment Centres), training and mentoring Indigenous Australians who are living in Perth to achieve long term employment.  The VTEC program operates in conjunction with all of the Wirrpanda Foundation programs, with the support and involvement of local Aboriginal communities and their leaders and will connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers to guaranteed job opportunities, while providing support to maintain continuous employment.

Funded by the Federal Government, our VTEC is required to work with employers, to place and mentor Indigenous job seekers into meaningful long term employment.


Strengthening your business through diversity, our mission is to enhance our relationships with employers, to support your Indigenous employment participation. Through our expertise in recruitment and mentoring, the Wirrpanda VTEC specialises in finding you the right employees and working with them for successful long term employment.

The VTEC has established a pool of candidates with a spread of competencies and experience, all screened most heavily on their attitudinal/behavioural competencies for the types of work and environment, aiming to provide motivated, committed and strongly supported Indigenous employees for the workplace. The skill sets of the candidates are varied from seeking entry level exposure to some experienced roles based on their experience and exposure.

All job seekers that register with the VTEC complete an individual career and training plan with one of our experienced Recruiter/Mentors. This also encompasses an assessment that evaluates Commitment, Fitness for Work, Motivational Fit and Behavioural Competencies including Safety Awareness and Attitude, Performance Under Pressure, Teamwork and Communication.


We are looking for candidates who value continuous learning, have a strong awareness and commitment to safety and are looking to be part of a team focused culture and are interested in a rewarding and beneficial work opportunity. As you move through the stages, you will be strongly supported by our team's mentors and your specific training needs will be provided by our VTEC industry training partners. To be eligible for the VTEC program you must be a registered job seeker with the Department of Human Services and assigned a job active provider.

To register you must be

1. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander 
2. Currently registered with a Job Active Provider (JAP)

Program Start Dates

New Program Start Dates will be available soon



Jarrad Oakley Nicholls
Manager – Employment Programs

Cannington Office

21 Mills Street
Tel: 08 9242 6700

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