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Skill360 Australia

GenerationOne VTEC

Skill360 Australia has been contracted to train 230 Indigenous Australians for a guaranteed job before December 2015. The VTEC model has a strong focus on retention rates and trains job seekers for long term employment opportunities.

Skill360 has been working to create better futures for jobseekers through training and employment solutions since 1984.  We provide vocational training through our registered training organisation and, as a group training organisation, are specialists in apprenticeship and traineeship management and mentoring.

Our many years of experience includes working with employers and Indigenous job seekers to develop successful employment and training outcomes. With a dedicated team of Indigenous staff we have a history of providing specialist Indigenous mentoring, training services and consulting to help businesses and jobseekers.

We are proud to be the VTEC for North Queensland and will use our skills and experience to provide employment and training services to the Indigenous community through the GenerationOne model. We have formed the Skill360 Indigenous Skills Centre to focus on working closely with local communities, elders, businesses and other stakeholder organisations to create real career outcomes for Indigenous jobseekers.

Training programs include:

  • Construction trades
  • Civil Construction
  • Commercial cookery
  • Business administration
  • Hospitality
  • Retail


Program Start Dates

New Program Start Dates will be available soon


Please send enquiries to info@skill360.com.au

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