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KGT Employment - Vocational Training and Employment Centre

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KGT Employment has been contracted to train 180 Indigenous Australians for a guaranteed job before December 2015. The VTEC model has a strong focus on retention rates and trains job seekers for long term employment opportunities.

KGT Employment (KGT) commenced operations on 1st June 1997.

The group was established to provide training and employment placements for unemployed people across the Kimberley. KGT was established to meet the ATSIC Wunan Regional Councils goal to assist Kimberley youth access the increasing employment opportunities in the region, such as tourism, agriculture, mining, pastoral operations, pearling, fishing and transport.

The Wunan Regional Council recognised that greater access to quality training would open employment opportunities for the future.

 KGT is a not for profit incorporated association, administered by a Committee that comprises representation from local industry, community and other stakeholders such as schools. 

KGT has managed in excess of 2,000 training contracts since its inception, more than 80% of which have been with indigenous people. KGT currently has offices in Kununurra and Broome, from which it services the entire Kimberley region. KGT currently has clients in all corners of the Kimberley, including Bidyadanga, Mulan and Billiluna in the South; Kalumburu in the North, Kununurra in the East; and Broome, One Arm Point and Beagle Bay in the West.

KGT’s core business is the management of apprentices and trainees, however we offer complementary services including literacy and numeracy support, labour hire and employment placement services.


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