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Habitat Personnel Vocational Training and Employment Centre

GenerationOne VTEC

Habitat Personnel has been contracted to train 230 Indigenous Australians for a guaranteed job before December 2015. The VTEC model has a strong focus on retention rates and trains job seekers for long term employment opportunities.

Habitat Personnel are a Vocational Training and Employment Centre in the areas of South Coast NSW, Southern Tablelands and ACT Regions.  Our main offices are located in Canberra and on the South Coast NSW in Nowra.

Habitat Personnel VTEC connect Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs and bring together the support services necessary to prepare job seekers for long term employment. The VTEC is funded by the Australia Government and is based on the GenerationOne employment model.


This very model supports Habitat’s demonstrated commitment and drive to engage with a wide range of employers to ensure their understanding of Indigenous Participation in the workplace and the support available to successfully integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People into employment opportunities.  “Closing the Gap” is a cross-community effort and improving the knowledge and understanding of employers will greatly enhance this initiative.


Habitat Personnel continue to build increased self-sufficiency of our business model that will position the organisation in an economic climate of some employer uncertainty, to provide a specialised and specific advice and support service to employers who may or may not have the appreciation of Indigenous work capacity and their availability to fill jobs in many industry categories.


By embedding the concept that including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cohort becomes a normal part of employer recruitment practice and process is novel and for some employers will be challenging. Employment is critical to the economic freedom of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Habitat Personnel recognise the importance of the role employers’ play in providing training and employment opportunities across the nation.

Our organisation has continually demonstrated skilful expertise in establishing and implementing Indigenous Employment Policies within organisations that promote employment opportunities by cultural diversity.

Through the delivery of co-ordinated service, building collaborative partnerships providing strategies that look at whole of person rather than a splintered approach, improving literacy/numeracy, vocational skills and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People into sustainable real jobs that deliver sound economic improvements for the people, are the drivers of all we do.

Our Mission Statement

To assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people take control of their own economic and social development, and to provide education and employment opportunities. In doing so, we will reduce Indigenous dependence on social welfare benefits and improve elements of social, cultural and spiritual life.”


Training programs include:

  • Certificate 2 Business Administration
  • Skill sets from Cert 3 Business
  • Construction Accredited Mandatory Tickets
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy
  • Prepare for work & Learning
  • Writing Skills
  • Operate a personal computer
  • Write simple workplace information
  • Understand work place ethics and employer expectations
  • Prepare for Licence – Road Ready
  • Plan skills development
  • Read & respond to simple workplace information
  • Participate in simple spoken interactions at work
  • Write Simple workplace Information
  • Follow workplace safety features
  • Design organisational documents using computing packages
  • Operate computer hardware
  • Operate computer packages
  • Integrate commercial computing packages
  • Use computer operating system
  • Work effectively in an IT environment
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Install software applications
  • Connect hardware peripherals
  • Record client support requirements
  • Detect and protect from spam and destructive software
  • Access and use the Internet



Program Start Dates

New Program Start Dates will be available soon


Habitat Personnel have 2 locations -

NSW South Coast -

Please send enquiries to Michelle Burke iep@habitatpersonnel.org.au

Unit 2 / 57 Plunkett Street
NSW, 2541 

Tel: 02 4422 4222
Fax: 02 4422 4212

ACT & region - 

Please send enquiries to Frances Garbutt fgarbutt@habitatpersonel.org.au 

31 – 37 Townshend Street
ACT, 2606 

Tel: 02 6285 24221
Fax: 02 6285 2488


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