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Bloodwood Tree Association Inc.

GenerationOne VTEC

Bloodwood Tree Association has been contracted to train 90 Indigenous Australians for a guaranteed job before December 2015. The VTEC model has a strong focus on retention rates and trains job seekers for long term employment opportunities.

Bloodwood Tree Association is a non for profit organisation our VTEC program focuses on work ready people and placing them into employment BTA’s Aboriginal Training & Employment Consultants (ATEC) have the skills and knowledge base that will utilised within the VTEC Program to assist Participants in;

  • Building Career Pathways
  • Instilling a strong foundation of good Work Ethics.
  • Completing all Training Requirements.
  • Liaising with their Employer
  • Traineeships & Apprenticeships
  • Negotiating Employment contracts
  • Transport Assistance
  • Working through D&A Counselling
  • Support for them and their Family
  • Assistance with Paperwork and other relevant Documents
  • Referrals to other Community Services as required


VTEC Trainees that have entered the BTA – VTEC Program have accessed Pundulmurra Campus (Pilbara Institute), Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and other local Employment & Training providers.  Therefore BTA - VTEC Participants have;

  • Completed specific training courses, targeting identified Employment Opportunities.
  • Obtained a Drivers Licence
  • Completed D&A checks
  • Mentoring/Counselling Support
  • Work Skilled & Ready

Bloodwood Tree Association objectives are; To maximise indigenous employment within the local and surrounding area, also to assist our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups also the individuals with economic development.

Training programs include:

  • Construction White Card
  •  First Aid (TBC)
  •  Way 2 Work – Soft skills
  • Keys 4 Life – Learners permit
  • Pre-employment Assessment 

Program Start Dates

New Program Start Dates will be available soon


Please send enquiries to atec@bloodwoodtree.org.au

19 Hamilton Road
South Hedland
WA 6722

Tel: 08 9138 3000 

Fax: 08 9138 3099

Email: reception@bloodwoodtree.org.au