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Fortescue Metals Group Vocational Training & Employment Centre

GenerationOne VTEC

Fortescue Metals Group has been contracted to train 230 Indigenous Australians for a guaranteed job before December 2015. The VTEC model has a strong focus on retention rates and trains job seekers for long term employment opportunities.

The vision for Fortescue’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) is to change lives through employment.

We believe this approach will contribute to the overall social and economic wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. Since commencing in 2006, VTEC has helped more than 1000 Aboriginal people through training, support and employment.

VTEC’s unique philosophy is based on providing training for guaranteed employment, which has resulted in hundreds of new career opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Our commitment to delivering real outcomes for Aboriginal people is underpinned by strong relationships with the native title groups on whose traditional country we operate.

What does VTEC do?

VTEC develops and delivers targeted training courses based on relevant vacancies with Fortescue and its contractors, preparing Aboriginal people for a successful career in the resources industry.

VTEC’s employment-focused strategies are complemented by individualised support to address barriers to training and employment.

What does VTEC provide?

VTEC delivers industry, company and job specific pre-employment programs that focus on preparing Aboriginal people for upcoming jobs.

The program also provides support in health, transport, literacy and work experience to help Aboriginal people with their fit for work requirements and ensure long-term employment.

VTEC staff are available to both Fortescue employees and contractors to provide support, identify training needs, assist with family concerns and promote understanding of cultural factors that affect Aboriginal people in the workplace.

Aboriginal employment and business development

Fortescue provides training with a guaranteed job prospect supported by housing for Aboriginal employees. We believe real employment builds autonomy in individuals and families and ultimately strengthens the whole community, both now and into the future.


Meet John 

John Perry is a VTEC graduate and current employee of Fortescue. Prior to entering VTEC John was unemployed and unable to find work having lost his drivers licence. 

John began his journey with Fortescue in 2008 and completed VTEC courses in building and construction, and through VTEC's in-house driver's licence program, John was successful in regaining his driver's licence. While waiting to re-qualify for his driver's licence, John worked as a landscaper for Fortescue's job-ready contracting service, VTEC Services, and landscaped a number of the houses built for Fortescue employees in Port Hedland. John now occupies one of those houses - he chose the one with the garden he liked the most. Since 2009 John has worked at the Herb Elliott Port at Port Hedland. 

Within three years, John has gone from unemployed to operating key machinery at the Port which handles iron ore from the trains to the ships. John holds the world record for loading the most iron ore in a 12 hour shift through a single shiploader, being 125,497 tonnes.


John Perry - VTEC participant

Program Start Dates

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1 Parker Street, South Hedland WA 6722, Australia

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and wish to enquire about VTEC, please contact our South Hedland office.   

TEL: (08) 9158 5300 
Email: vtec@fmgl.com.au   

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and would like the VTEC office to contact you, click here to complete a contact form.