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I am a Training Provider

What is a VTEC?

VTEC is a demand led employment model providing employer directed training that leads to a guaranteed job.

VTECs prioritise highly disadvantaged job seekers and focus on achieving employment retention. As such, payment to VTEC programme providers is at the completion of 26 weeks employment for each job seeker placed into work.

Who delivers VTEC services?

A VTEC provider is an organisation or consortium with extensive experience at supporting disadvantaged Indigenous job seekers to achieve sustainable employment.

A VTEC provider can be one, or a mix, of any of the following:

Indigenous Employment Programme (IEP) panel member
Jobactive provider
RTO/TAFE and/or
Indigenous community organisation

Who can work with a VTEC?

VTEC providers are required to access complementary support for the VTEC participants through other sources and ensure there is no duplication of support. 

VTECs will form partnerships with a variety of service providers and Indigenous community organisations as part of its service delivery.

Some VTECs will look to outsource the training stage of its programme to the best suited training providers in the local region. 

How can training providers get involved?

Training providers can contact VTECs operating in their regions to discuss the possibility of establishing a partnership.

Currently there are 24 VTECs operating all over Australia that are already training Indigenous job seekers for positions in the local workforce.

You can find your nearest VTEC as well as further information on your local training providers here.

For further information including VTEC / JobActive partnerships, Fees, Can you be a VTEC please download the detailed fact sheet.

VTECs are an Australian Government initiative based on the GenerationOne demand-led vocational training and employment model.