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I am a Job Seeker

What is a VTEC?

VTECs offer guaranteed jobs to Indigenous jobseekers that complete the required training.

Each job is guaranteed by an employer that has partnered with a VTEC. The employer specifies exact training requirements to be met before employment commences.  This means that the day a job seeker graduates from their VTEC training, they walk into a job.

Why should I use a VTEC to find a job?

The VTEC will equip you with the right tools for long-term success in a job.

VTECs will provide you with the support you need to get ready for work and to stay in work. This includes training such as obtaining a driver’s license and appropriate dress standards and financial literacy.

VTECs have a good understanding of the cultural issues faced by Indigenous Australians and will build strong links with your local Indigenous communities. 

VTECs will work closely with employers to ensure that the workplace you enter has an appreciation of Indigenous culture and of the impact of your culture on your life.

VTECs will also provide mentors to offer ongoing support once you are in the job. VTECs will build your confidence in the workplace and help you address any issues as they arise. 

How can I get involved?

Currently there are 24 VTECs operating all over Australia that are already placing Indigenous job seekers into the local workforce. 

You can find your nearest VTEC as well as well as further information on your local training providers here or call 08 6460 4949.


VTECs are an Australian Government initiative based on the GenerationOne demand-led vocational training and employment model.