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Has your business ever employed a local Indigenous person?

Hiring a new employee can be a big step for any business. Hiring a new Indigenous employee who may have considerable barriers to long-term employment may seem to be a bridge too far. 

However, as many Australian companies and international corporations are quickly realising, Indigenous business is now not just goodwill but good business. 

A VTEC offers an effective way to hire and retain Indigenous staff in your business 

What is a VTEC? 

VTECs offer a conduit for employers to offer guaranteed jobs to Indigenous job seekers.

VTECs work with employers to identify jobs for Indigenous job seekers and establish the training requirements for these jobs. VTECs ensure Indigenous job seekers have the skills needed for the job with training tailored to the specifications of the employer.

The opt-in nature of the VTEC programme, means that job seekers have a genuine interest in the field of work they are training for.

What does a VTEC trained employee offer my business?

Training to a specific job ensures that new employees are capable of providing an immediate and valuable contribution to your workplace. This means that both the VTEC graduate and the employer know that the right person has been placed in the job.

In addition to job related training, participants of the VTEC programme are provided non-vocational training such as help obtaining a driver’s license, appropriate dress standards and financial literacy education. 

The VTEC provides ongoing support for buisnesses and graduates. This includes building Indigenous cultural competency of the workplace and building the confidence of the new employees in that workplace.

This support ensures that critical issues that arise over the first 6 months of employment are comprehensively addressed with culturally sensitivity and realistic business outcomes.

How can my business get involved?

Currently there are 24 VTECs operating all over Australia that are already placing Indigenous job seekers into local businesses.  

You can find your nearest VTEC as well as further information on your local training providers here.

VTECs are an Australian Government initiative based on the GenerationOne demand-led vocational training and employment model.