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Indigenous Australians Names as CEO's for the Day

GenerationOne and its employer partners today announced the winning entries for the inaugural CEO of a Day campaign, giving Indigenous Australians the life changing experience of shadowing a high-powered CEO for the day.  "By giving these youngsters access to Australia's leading business visionaries, they will have a taste of what they can become. With their own self-belief and access to this incredible opportunity, that these business leaders are delighted to provide, they too can be mentored by and imagine becoming a leader” said Andrew Forrest, Founder of GenerationOne. “There is absolutely no reason they can't aspire to this and set an example for us all through their success" said Mr Forrest.  ... More...

31 October @ 10:00


GenerationOne and ten of its employer partners are giving all Indigenous people a chance at the top job for a day as part of a campaign launched to lift the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The CEO for a Day campaign is aimed at giving Indigenous people the hope and belief that they too can be a CEO, of any organisation, by offering the chance for ten Indigenous people to shadow ten high-powered CEOs.  ... More...

26 September @ 11:24

$45 million will go to providers, not GenerationOne

Statement regarding the incoming-Government's commitment of $45 million for Indigenous training and employment:  During the 2013 Federal election campaign, the Coalition committed to providing up to: "$45 million for the GenerationOne employment model so that training opportunities and guaranteed jobs can be provided for up to 5,000 unemployed Indigenous Australians under the Australian Employment Covenant".  In Mr Abbott’s comments during the policy announcement on the 17 of August 2013, he further clarified how the $45 million for the training places would be distributed by saying: “We are training for jobs, not training for training’s sake. They are not confined to any particular provider, they are simply available for training providers who are... More...

16 September @ 12:45


GENERATIONONE WELCOMES 5,000 TRAINING PLACES FOR GUARANTEED JOBS  GenerationOne has welcomed the announcement by the Federal Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott MP that, if elected, a Coalition Government will provide 5,000 training places for guaranteed jobs, and called on all political parties to unite to see an end to the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through employment.  The opportunity exists to fix welfare dependency and employment disparity for Indigenous Australians in a single generation through meaningful employment. In the largest single collaboration of Australian employers, 338 employers are working towards the shared goal of ending the disparity by committing 61,717 employment opportunities. To date, 15,628 jobs have been filled.&nbs... More...

19 August @ 12:27

ELECTION 2013: Speech - Mr Andrew Forrest Founder of GenerationOne

ELECTION 2013: SPEECH - Mr Andrew Forrest Founder of GenerationOne, delivered in respone to the Coalition's announcement of their Indigneous Employment policy:   Employment dramatically changes lives for the better. I have witnessed it. I have lived it. I deeply believe this. I stand here with absolute conviction to tell you: only employment puts welfare out of work. It’s employment that allows Indigenous people to walk amongst the giants of their traditional cultures and also to have economic independence which brings self-reliance, freedom and pride...... More...

17 August @ 06:10