November 2010

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Press Releases - November 2010

Address to the Nation Script

Hi, my name's Maddy. I'm 13 and live with my family in Sydney and I'm from the Gadigal and Arrernte people. This is my once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to you, Australia, about my people. Nearly everyone knows that Indigenous Australians face some pretty tough challenges. So I don’t want to talk to you about that but I do want to talk to you about the real things that can make our lives better. With a job - a real job - you can look after yourself, your family and help your community. I’ve seen the difference this has made in my own family because my Grandfather worked his whole life to give his kids what he never had. If a huge effort is made the gap between my people and other Australians can be closed in one generation. That’s in the next 20 years. GenerationOne... More...

11 November @ 05:30

Media release - GenerationOne Address to the Nation

At approximately 7.30 pm Sunday 24th Oct 2010 every Australian free-to-air TV network, including the ABC and select pay TV channels will air an Address to the Nation on the future of Indigenous Australians. This Address will be delivered by a first class Australian that GenerationOne are very proud to have speak on their behalf. WHEN: 7.30 pm (approx) ADST WHERE: Every Television Channel WHO: GenerationOne Media contact: For interviews after the Address please call Kate Sutton on 0409671716  ... More...

11 November @ 05:30


Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports on complaints made by a young indigenous woman about the recruitment process by a contractor for a GenerationOne event in the ACT. In response to these comments, GenerationOne CEO, Tim Gartrell said: "The comment made by a recruiting contractor  is completely inappropriate and doesn't reflect the views, practice or ethos of anyone in GenerationOne. We were shocked to hear of them late yesterday afternoon when contacted by the SMH. "The company involved has been instructed to apologise immediately to Ms Betterridge and GenerationOne will no longer use their services. I also apologised unreservedly to Ms Betterridge last night on behalf of GenerationOne for any offence that may have been caused. "GenerationOne encourages any event partner to emp... More...

04 November @ 05:59