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Programmed Commits To 5,000 Indigenous Jobs


Perth, 2 March 2017


  • The largest ever contract by one company for Indigenous employment opportunities was made in Canberra today.
  • The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull joined GenerationOne Founder, Andrew Forrest and the Managing Director of Programmed, Chris Sutherland, to announce Programmed’s pledge to provide 5,000 employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians through the Australian Employment Covenant initiative.
  • The contract between Programmed and GenerationOne will be supported by organisations such as VTEC, the Employment Parity Initiative, jobactive and other Government initiatives.


Mr Sutherland said, ‘We are delighted that both the Prime Minister and Andrew Forrest totally support our new First Australians employment commitment. It is important that our workforce reflects the communities we operate in.’

Mr Forrest added: ‘Programmed’s 5,000 jobs for Indigenous people sets a new benchmark for the private sector and I am incredibly grateful and inspired by their pledge. I call on the Australian Government and business community to continue to reflect on their own capacity to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce. Employment is a fundamental part of closing the gap and every opportunity counts. We thank the Government for their continued support of Indigenous job seekers and employers through the VTEC program and the Employment Parity Initiative.  Parity can be achieved in our generation if we do this together.’



GenerationOne's mission is to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation through employment as the catalyst to drive all other initiatives. The VTEC network operates in 24 locations across the country. In October 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the milestone of achieving more than 5000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being placed into jobs through the VTEC program. GenerationOne is an initiative of the Minderoo Foundation, founded by Andrew and Nicola Forrest.  Find out more at




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