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ABC Coverage of Geldof Speech

ABC Coverage of Geldof Speech... More...

20 May @ 05:32

Geldof Slams Talent Waste

In a write-up in Wednesday's MX (Melbourne), Sir Bob Geldof is found commenting on Australia's waste of local resources: Sir Bob Geldof say Australia is "economically stupid" for importing labour while Aboriginal talent goes to waste. The Live Aide organiser and humanitarian said this morning at a breakfast for WA mining entepreneur Andrew "Twiggy" Forrests' GenerationOne movement that Australia had "exiled" indigenous people. ... More...

20 May @ 05:29

From Stutter to Life Starter

In this excerpt from the Bendigo Adviser, Andrew Forrest discusses his youth and how he's arrived where he is today: Mr Forrest is asking companies to support his drive to create 50,000 jobs for indigenous Australians. Queensland has already signed up with 3500 positions. Education and mentoring would change lives, Mr Forrest said. "Mentor an indigenous person, be there as a buddy," he said. "If an indigenous person joins your workforce, he or she has a much higher sense of shame (if they make a mistake). ... More...

20 May @ 05:28

You Can Go Places

Andrew Forrest and GenerationOne in Thursday's Daily Telegraph: Mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest revealed yesterday how his life changed when when an Aboriginal man told him "You can go places, son." Now Fortescue Metals chief executive Mr Forrest wants to give something back. He has called on his big-business buddies to mentor Aboriginal youths as part of the GenerationOne drive to create 50,000 jobs for indigenous Australians. ... More...

20 May @ 11:30

Lots of Coverage in Brisbane

There has recently been an outpour of coverage in Brisbane. This story printed in the Herald Sun features Sir Bob Geldof's views on the treatment of indigenous Australians: SIR Bob Geldof says Australia is economically stupid for importing labour while Aboriginal talent goes to waste.... More...

19 May @ 05:33