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GenerationOne and Hope Vale Community Host Graduation Ceremony for Indigenous Young Adults

  Last Saturday’s Western Cape Bulletin included a story about GenerationOne’s partnership with the Hope Vale Community to host a graduation ceremony for 20-plus indigenous job ready young adults. Here is the full story:  ... More...

29 July @ 02:34

Andrew Forrest Calls for Greater Indigenous Employment

  In an article that appeared in The West Australian, GenerationOne founder Andrew Forrest called on the Australian government to promote industries that will employ indigenous people. He maintains that giving out welfare money will only go so far; instead, employment is “the key to ending indigenous disparity.” You can read the full story here:  ... More...

29 July @ 12:33

Tania Major on Indigenous Policy

 There was a great article written by Tania Major in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning about why Australian policy has repeatedly failed to make progress in ending indigenous disadvantage.  In case you missed it, the full article can be found after the break:  ... More...

28 July @ 03:32

GenerationOne Challenge Profiled

  GenerationOne’s nationwide challenge among high school students to sing the GenerationOne theme song, “Hands Across Australia,” in an effort to raise awareness about indigenous disadvantage has recently been receiving much media attention.    ... More...

28 July @ 12:31

GenerationOne on Channel 7 Sunrise

  Tania Major, Christine Anu, and the Australian Girl's Choir performed "Hands Across America," GenerationOne's theme song, on Channel 7 in promotion of the new nationwide school competition to film and create a rap to go with the song. Here is the spot from Channel 7 Sunrise including more information:  ... More...

26 July @ 12:40