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Andrew Forrest to Speak at Event Aimed at Eliminating Disparity in Our Generation

Yesterday’s West Australian included Andrew Forrest’s speaking engagement about eliminating the disparity in our generation this Thursday, August 5th in its calendar of events. Here are the details as given by the West Australian:... More...

02 August @ 08:55

Andrew Forrest Launches Indigenous Employment Forum

  National Indigenous Television included a story on Friday night about the launch of Andrew Forrest’s indigenous employment forum. The forum, which took place in Sydney, heard from a number of key speakers on what works and what doesn’t on long term jobs.  ... More...

02 August @ 07:37

Andrew Forrest Addresses Indigenous Employment at GenerationOne Forum

  Yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald contained an article about comments that Andrew Forrest made in a forum organized by GenerationOne. Forrest spoke of the influence that his indigenous mentor, Scotty Black, has had on his success and called for greater indigenous employment. Read the full story here:  ... More...

30 July @ 02:35

Government Introduces Plan to Boost Employment Opportunities for Indigenous Queenslanders

  A piece included in yesterday’s Courier Mail detailed the government’s plan to boost employment opportunities for indigenous Queenslanders. The government has pledged to employ 2800 indigenous people in the state’s public sector by 2014. The full story can be found here:  ... More...

30 July @ 12:42

Forrest and Beryl Advocate for Employment

  Yesterday’s The Australian included a story about Andrew Forrest and successful Aboriginal businesswoman, Aunty Beryl’s shared commitment to providing employment for Australia’s indigenous population. Read the full story here:   ... More...

30 July @ 11:35