April 2013

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In the News - April 2013

Muso's pitch for work and genuine change

Muso's pitch for work and genuine change JEREMY Donovan has vowed to put indigenous reform and jobs at the centre of the federal election campaign in his new role as national ambassador for GenerationOne. The internationally renowned didgeridoo player will push the Gillard government to accelerate reforms to end the disparity between black and white Australians. Donovan said Australian political leaders must be prepared to try radical new approaches to end welfare dependency and try new regimes that fundamentally changed indigenous people's lives. Indigenous people would have their lives transformed only through education and work. "Culture isn't a cape, it's something that runs inside us. Irrespective of the work you are doing, whether it is working in Woolworths or workin... More...

30 April @ 09:22


Daily Telegraph, Page: 42 By Warren Mundine Saturday, 6 April 2013IN February, I spent a week in Kangaroo Island. Perched about 13km from the South Australian mainland and facing the Great Southern Ocean to its south and the Great Australian Bight to its west, Kangaroo Island is remote and sparsely populated.The island is known for its wilderness and natural beauty; seal colonies flourish there. It also has mature agricultural and tourism industries and several small townships.The original Aboriginal population is believed to have left 2000 years ago. In the 1800s, sealers lived there, many with Aboriginal wives’’, mostly women kidnapped in raids on Aboriginal communities. The first official European colony was established there in 1836. It lasted barely four years bec... More...

08 April @ 09:37