June 2012

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In the News - June 2012

Indigenous identity rises with 'apology effect'

Indigenous identity rises with 'apology effect' BY:PATRICIA KARVELAS  From:The Australian  June 22, 2012 12:00AM THE number of people identifying as Aboriginal has exploded and key socio-economic measures have improved dramatically in a census count that has baffled demographers and prompted concerns that the reality of indigenous disadvantage is being masked by an influx of people from more privileged, urban backgrounds. ... More...

22 June @ 01:15

Abbott pledges $10m for indigenous jobs

Abbott pledges $10m for indigenous jobs Matthew Franklin June 08, 2012  TONY Abbott has committed a Coalition government to spend $10 million on trials to overhaul indigenous job services by specifically linking training for 1000 indigenous people to actual jobs. As foreshadowed in The Australian last month, the Opposition Leader will today commit to fund four new job centres from existing budget allocations, as he moves to embrace the vision of West Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest, who argues current job training systems provide "training for training's sake".  ... More...

08 June @ 10:54