December 2010

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In the News - December 2010

NT News: Education is key to jobs

SADLY, few Territorians would be surprised that mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest's plan to find 50,000 jobs for indigenous Australians has fal- len well short of its target. Fewer than 3000 places have been filled. And, of course, we Territorians know most of those have been filled by urban Aboriginal people, not the remote folk who suffer so much from the lack of job opportunities. Mr Forrest's problems have been caused not just by the lack of a work ethic in the indigenous community - although that undoubtedly is a major obstacle - but the lack of education. Mining companies need a sound level of learning even for the humblest of jobs; even the site cleaner needs to be able to read safety signs. It would be easy to say that Mr Forrest's target was impossibly ambitious. And mayb... More...

22 December @ 12:25

A LACK of education is seen as the biggest obstacle for indigenous people seeking a job ahead of discrimination or welfare dependence.

A survey of indigenous and non-indigenous people for the GenerationOne employment initiative also highlights a level of optimism among the younger indigenous community, with more than half believing their racial heritage was no hurdle in getting a good job. Among indigenous people in their 20s, only 48 per cent agreed their heritage made it more difficult to get a job compared with 57 per cent of all people, but about half thought a lack of desire to work was a major contributor to high levels of unemployment among indigenous people. Indigenous people blamed racism and alcohol problems more than non-indigenous people, and Charles Williams, the Aboriginal programs co-ordinator at Crown in Melbourne, agreed with the 7 per cent of respondents who cited a lack of confidence or self-esteem. ... More...

20 December @ 10:47

NITV - One Voice "Kids Address to the Nation" Winner Announcement

NITV - One Voice "Kids Address to the Nation" Winner Announcement  NITV News  15th December 2010 ... More...

16 December @ 10:58