September 2010

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In the News - September 2010

ABC Illawarra - Rob Burke Talks about School Comp at Melville High School

ABC Illawarra (Wollongong)Statewide Afternoons - 29/09/2010 - 03:25 PMFiona WyllieStation Ph: 02 4224 5011Wyllie replays an interview she had with Rob Bourke, Principal, Melville High School, at the Hands Across Australia event, by GenerationOne. He explains that an important part of the Aboriginal Education and Training policy is that each school does more to educate students about Aboriginal culture and history. Students from Melville High School have come together to perform a dance and sing the song Hands Across Australia. Bourke says in the middle of the song there is a rap by Paul Griffin, Year 12 Student, Melville High School. Wyllie notes that some students are painted in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. She also notes that the school won the NSw part of teh competition. [c... More...

30 September @ 12:00

ABC1 Stateline - Brisbane

ABC1 (Brisbane) Stateline - 24/09/2010 - 07:47 PMJessica Van VonderanExecutive Producer Mr Murray Travis 02 8333 4838The Govt and big business have joined forces in the hope of finding long term employment for indigenous Austns. Indigenous unemployment is three times higher than that of other Austns. Organisations such as Indigenous Employment Advocates Generation One and Aboriginal Employment Strategy are developing programs to reduce such statistics. Danny Lester of Aboriginal Employment Strategy says that the corporate sector has long been left out of Aboriginal employment initiatives. 14 indigenous trainees have been selected as for a new program funded by Theiss and supported by the state and federal Govts. They are given a twenty week pre-apprenticeship course with a job at the end.... More...

28 September @ 12:00

Indigenous Flavours at Slow Food Festival

Click here to play ELIZABETH JACKSON: Every two years thousands of delegates from more than 130 countries descend on Turin in Italy for the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival. It's a five-day celebration of food culture and this year there'll be an Indigenous delegation from Australia. They're hoping to showcase Australia's Indigenous cuisine to the world, and this week they gave around 100 people a taste of what the Italians can expect.Lindy Kerin reports.(Sounds of social gathering)LINDY KERIN: It's fine dining to country classics. Around 100 people have gathered at the Yaama Dhiyaan function centre in Sydney's inner west. It's hectic in the kitchen, but things are moving smoothly and the first course is about to be served.WAITRESS: For our entree we have duck pate with pepper berry and sal... More...

27 September @ 12:00

Tania Talks about GenerationOne's visit to TI

ABC North Queensland (Townsville)17:30 News - 16/09/2010 - 05:33 PMNewsreaderJournalist in Charge Ms Niki Lyons 07 4722 3030Tania Major, Former Young Australian of the Year, has held a forum at a cultural festival on Thursday Island. Major has been travelling around with the Generation Onemovement. Major says they want to get more people involved in the campaign.© Media Monitors 2010Interviewees: Tania Major, Former Young Australian of the YearDuration: 30:42... More...

24 September @ 12:00

Australian Employment Covenant signs 500 new jobs with Macmahon

ABC North West WA (Karratha)Rural Report - 22/09/2010 - 06:40 AMCelia PolkinghorneStation Ph: 08 9183 5011About 500 new jobs will be created for indigenous Australians in the WA mining industry after contracting company Macmahon formally signed up last week to the AustralianEmployment Covenant. This is the scheme aiming to place 50,000 indigenous people through job specific training programs and into employment. Tony Noonan, General Manager, Doorn-Djil Yoordaning Group, which was created within Macmahon to make this all happen. Noonan says the training has proved very successful in Newman and the company hopes to spread to other WA centres in the Mid West and the Kimberley. The group has been running a successful training and development program in Newman for a number of y... More...

24 September @ 12:00