June 2010

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In the News - June 2010

Reconciliation in Action

This month's Human Capital magazine featured an article that addressed Indigenous unemployment issues and what the Aboriginal Employment Strategy is doing to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Here is an excerpt:Unemployment amongst Indigenous Australians is four times greater  than any other demographic. That statistic, when viewed alongside  similar statistics for standard of living and health, rams home the  gross inequalities facing Indigenous Australians.... More...

28 June @ 04:05

Aboriginal Awareness Movement Passes Through Cobar

Last Thursday's Cobar Weekly included a story on GenerationOne's Roadshow stop in Cobar. Here is the full story:Members of the Generation One team passed through Cobar last week as part of their nationwide effort to raise awareness and help end the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. The group, along with a film crew, photographers and promotion staff, is focused on "closing the gap" in areas such as education, crime and health.... More...

28 June @ 02:07

GenerationOne Roadshow Rolls Into Town

Last Thursday's Western Herald included a story on GenerationOne's Roadshow stop in Central Park. Here is the full story:Locals met up with the team from GenerationOne roadshow in Central Park on Friday to add their voice to a growing national movement. GenerationOne is a grassroots awareness campaign that aims to bring about the end of Indigenous disadvantage in this generation.... More...

28 June @ 12:11

Meet the Man Who Inspired Mining Billionaire Andrew Forrest

This weekend's Sunday Mail featured a story by Billy Rule about his travel to Minderoo with Andrew Forrest and his father, Don Forrest. During the trip the Forrests took a trip down memory lane and caught up with Scotty Black's (Andrew Forrest's childhood mentor) extended family. Here is an excerpt about Forrest's time with Scotty Black, Jr:... More...

28 June @ 11:19

Andrew Forrest's Dance of Destiny with Aboriginal Mentor

Last weekend's Sunday Times included a great story about Andrew Forrest's source of strength and inspiration. This source is his childhood mentor, an Indigenous man named Scotty Black who is pictured above (right) dancing with a young Andrew Forrest. Here is an excerpt from the story... More...

28 June @ 10:20