Victor Steffensen

Victor Steffensen

Working to preserve indigenous culture

Since being a young boy I was always interested in traditional knowledge, the culture and the land, as my Grandmother was a stolen generation and I could not find out very much from her because of this. So I started to search, I wanted to be clever, to know all the plants and animals, to survive off the land, to know how to look after country and my families through the old ways that have been around for thousands of years. When I met the old people I found them to be like a super hero, they knew special powers, they were extremely clever and they were really cool, so cool, I wanted to be like them.

After spending many years with them they taught me so much, to be strong, clever and proud, but most of all it was cool, I realised that our culture in Australia was cool and that it had lots to offer in many ways for all age groups. As I looked around the community I found that young kids where trying to be cool dressing like another culture, listening to music that was from another country, and leaving behind their own identity to take up the trend of another. I wondered why our young people where doing this when we have a wealth of knowledge, a big beautiful country that has one of the oldest cultures in world still alive and well. We are Australian, not American, English, African or Jamacian and we have so much more to be thankful for than most other countries and lifestyles.

Today I work my hardest to preserve our Indigenous Australian culture and apply it into every aspect of life as it is the coolest thing we have as proud Australians. We have so much to show the world that has yet been shown and we have never had the opportunity to show what true Australian culture is really about, we have a trend that is yet to be unleashed, and when our young people lead with this, I am sure it will wow the world, because we have a deadly positive culture that is the trendiest and coolest of all.

Victor is the founder of Mulong recording studios which came about through a growing network of initiatives bringing the arts into supporting traditional knowledge, community and the environment in a contemporary way.

The label core business is the recording of music, film, digital visual arts, and its amazing consultancy services around supporting many levels of practical land management and community initiatives. The company is setting the standards for Indigenous products and services for the benefit of the broader community and environment.

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