Tyson Badorek

Tyson Badorek

Burswood - Croupier

My mother’s family are from the Kimberly in WA, so we are connected to many of the families up there including the Hunter’s and Ramirez’s.  Hunter’s are from Broome upwards Ramirez is from Port Hedland. My father is from Crystal in England. 

It’s only been a short time since I left school; I came to Burswood Entertainment Complex in 2009 as a bar useful so I could get a foot in the door.  Since being in this position for almost a year, I have now transferred to being a Dealer which I really enjoy.

i came to Burswood Entertainment Complex to gain employment and follow my dreams of being a Dealer, to which I have fulfilled. 

I am a gaming dealer (croupier). It’s great that we have 5 Aboriginal croupiers working at Burswood. There is a huge scope to deal in many different games and the learning is on-going. 

There are many benefits of being a Burswood employee, I was paid to undertake the 5 week training program, and my uniform and meals are provided free of charge. I really enjoy working hours that suit my life style (night shifts) and I love working with cards.

I am hoping to travel after a few years of gaining experience and either work at other Casino’s around Australia or on Cruise ships.

It can be challenging working with demanding customers, as you have to be ultra organised and ensure you follow strict procedures at all times. I recommend others to come and work at Burswood Entertainment Complex, they look after you very well.

I now am a better person since being employed at Burswood; I have met some great people, who have turned out to be my best friends on the outside.

I have appreciated all the support and encouragement I receive from the Aboriginal Employment Program. 





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