Tracey Tweedie - Mt Isa

Tracey Tweedie - Mt Isa

Tracey Tweedie is doing the hard yards

Tracey Tweedie is doing the hard yards now because she knows that by educating herself she will be changing the futures and touching the lives of people in her community.

Tracey, 38, is a married mum of three, with her youngest child just 14 months old. And as if being a busy mum doesn’t make full time study difficult enough, the inspiring woman is also recovering from a brain injury caused by a stroke after her youngest was born.

Through RATEP, Tracey will continue her education in 2011, beginning her Bachelor degree and eventually plans to become a guidance officer in her home town of Mt Isa after working in primary and secondary teaching positions.

“There are so many kids out there that need help,” Tracey said.  “I would really like to be a guidance officer – the services out here are really bogged up.”

Tracey said the best thing about studying with RATEP was being able to remain in her community, with her family and support network.

“I was sent away to boarding school and that was hard, with RATEP you only have to go away for a couple of weeks at a time,” she said.

Tracey said through RATEP she received unconditional support and guidance, which helped her complete her studies and achieve more than she thought possible given her recovery from the brain injury.

“I am proud that I will be able to help people be educated in our own area,” she said.


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