Sharon Ninyette

Sharon Ninyette

Mentor Aboriginal Employment Program Burswood Entertainment Complex / Responsible Service Of Alcohol Officer


 I am a Noongar woman who was born and raised in Collie which is situated in the South West of Western Australia. I grew up with six siblings.

I am the mother of six children of my own and have a great supportive husband, Barry Ninyette. 

Before I started working at Burswood in November 2009, I was a stay at home mum for 2 years. Prior to having my sixth child I had worked at Central Law Courts as a Court Security Custodial Service Officers.

I chose Burswood Entertainment Complex as it offered a variety of careers and it allows me to pursue a number of  pathways. For me, Burswood is where I want to be for years to come.

My main role is the Mentor for the Aboriginal Employment Program, which I do from Tuesday to Thursday. Then on the weekends I work as a Responsible Service Of Alcohol Officer. Both roles are varied and offer great job satisfaction. 

As an RSA Officer it can sometimes be difficult as I am on the front-line, dealing with intoxicated patrons from all nationalities.  

But there are so many great things I love about my job. I love it when we have successfully employed an Aboriginal person into our organisation, or when one of our existing staff members get’s promoted to either full-time, a Supervisory role or wins an award as we all share in this achievement. 

One of the main challenges we face in our Aboriginal Employment Program is to work with our employees to ensure they stay part of the team at Burswood. I constantly remind our staff to seek any help or assistance from me before they consider leaving. 

I also enjoy my job because it gives me the opportunity to meet different people from all different cultures, and Burswood Entertainment Complex is the ideal place.

My advice to others is to always follow your dreams, and don’t let anything stand in your way of fulfilling what you want in life. And most importantly, never under estimate the underestimated.


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