Sharly Murdoch

Sharly Murdoch

Sharly Murdoch is an inspiration.

Not only is she a mum to four children under 12, she also works full time as a community education counsellor and is about to embark on her final year of a Bachelor of Education at JCU, through RATEP.

Sharly, 35, has made a life out of working with children and is now furthering her education to be an even better role model and educator to her charges.

“A Bachelor is not something I ever thought I’d be able to do but the support through RATEP has been really good,” Sharly said.

Sharly, who is of Kulali heritage, is no stranger to study, having already achieved an Associate Diploma in Welfare, a Certificate III in Education and a Diploma in Training and Assessment before taking a break to raise her children.

In 2008, she returned to the books to complete her Diploma in Education.

“It has already given me so many opportunities,” she said.

“I’ve already had offers and I can see a lot more opportunities opening up in the future.”

Since 2002, Sharly has worked as a teacher aide and community education counsellor, and hopes to be successful in securing a scholarship in 2011 to enable her to better focus on final year of studies.


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