Patrick Tittums

Patrick Tittums

Onslow salt miner finds peace in nature

Below is a the story of a young man from Onslow who offered us some postitive advice about finding peace in life.

"Be proud and strong in your lore and culture, identity and make the most of having the best of both worlds"

Through education and training with support from your family and friends YOU CAN.

Imagine being able to work as a doctor, detective or maybe flying a plane then on weekends go bush hunting, camping, fishing wouldn't that be a good life.

I work at the Onslow Salt mine doing work in the Lab and out in the field as well, my name is Patrick Tittums and I currently hold a student pilot license.

The community where I live is Bindi Bindi which is in Onslow W.A.

During the weekends I often make the three hour trip up to Karratha to continue with my training (flying).

Sometime ago with help from some school children and staff we tried to put together a short film called THUNDERSTORMS which was basically about the GOOD side of not doing drugs and alcohol.

Due to me being very busy and lack of resources it was put on hold and will be revisited in the not to distant future.

My life has had its ups and downs which is typical of living in any small country town.

To cut a long story short I love my lore/law and culture, going bush and camping.

I believe being out bush is a way to get over societies problems it is peaceful and quite so quite in fact your ears ring.

My lifestyle pretty much revolves around this way of healing if one can call it that.

Someone asked me to describe flying an aircraft and my answer was DIFFERENT.

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