Mylee Wanganeen

Mylee  Wanganeen

Mylee Wanganeen, an employment consultant at Boystown, is a young Aboriginal woman who lives Adelaide in South Australia and is from the Nurungga tribe.


Mylee Wanganeen is a young Aboriginal woman who lives Adelaide in South Australia and is from the Nurungga tribe located in the Yorke Peninsula 90minutes out of Adelaide.

Mylee has lived in Adelaide her whole life she was raised by her mother who has single handedly raised 5 kids on her own and now looks after the grandchildren. She is Mylee’s inspiration.

Mylee received guardianship for her 1 year old niece at the age of 18 whilst studying year 12. Mylee did not want her niece to grow up in the welfare system so whilst she was raising her niece she finished school and received her South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Once Mylee finished school, she was determined to gain employment but wasn’t sure which industry she wanted to work in so joined up with numerous job agencies to assist in gaining employment.

It was when Mylee joined up with BoysTown, a youth based Job Service Provider, that they were so impressed with her determination, manager Dale Wylie decided to offer her a role as an Associate Employment Consultant / Receptionist.

Mylee has been working at BoysTown for the past 3 years and has since worked her way up to be an Employment consultant and now has a large caseload of jobseekers that she case manages on a day to day basis to assist them in training, education, employment and non vocational barriers.

Mylee also networks with Aboriginal business’s organidations to promote her service and to link her Aboriginal clients up with these organisations to assist her in engaging and helping them with.

Mylee’s employer Dale Wylie nominated her for the Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards in 2010 and she was successful in winning the Playford Alive Mayors Positive Award and then went onto win the $3,000 Playford Alive Scholarship from the Minister of the Northern Suburbs which assisted Mylee in gaining Certificate lV in Community Services Work.

Mylee has been recognized as a local hero by Playford Council and has been given the opportunity to be part of the Picture Playford 2043 campaign. To promote the local area she has managed to get her face on advertising material such as posters, flyers, postcards and banners in the Playford area and is recognized by all her family and friends.

Her plans are now to look into further education and training to gain more qualifications that will assist her in gaining more knowledge.

 A few words from Mylee:

"I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me and will always be appreciative. I hope that by telling my success story I will inspire people to not to give up on their dreams and keep up the hard work because I know it will pays off in the end. There are endless possibilities and opportunities out there so I hope I will be able to help young people like myself and give them the opportunity that I have been given."


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