Mariah Johnson

Mariah Johnson

Food and Beverage Trainee - Crown

I was born in Perth but moved over here with my Mum and my brother and lived in Echuca since I was 10. 

I decided to move down to Melbourne to take this job because there wasn’t much happening at home for me in terms of work. I found this opportunity through Charles. I never thought I’d move down to Melbourne at my age, maybe later on in life but not now. But I’m glad I did. I really love it.

I’m in Food and Beverage as a Trainee for 12 months. There are about 20 of us in our group, all from different parts of the world and we’re all starting from scratch so it’s really good.

It’s a great opportunity. The Certificate is international so that really attracted me. I like the feeling here because it’s fast paced and busy and I’m learning a lot. There’s no issue with being an Aboriginal person working at Crown, either. I love being who I am.

I get stressed about certain parts of the training but I’ve had the chance to practice things and that’s been really helpful and increased my confidence. I’m still getting used to the travelling. It takes me around 2 hours to get to work every day, but that’s ok. I like the city.

I’m definitely communicating with a lot more people than just with my family and friends in Echuca. In Melbourne it’s great because it’s so multicultural and I love knowing about other people. I’m just starting to be out there, talking to different sorts of people. I’ve made some good friends too.

Mum is really proud of me and happy, and my family and friends in Echuca are too. So the support is good. All my Mum wants to talk to me about is work! I’d love to work at Crown for a bit longer after my training and then travel or move overseas.

Crown is a great place for Aboriginal people to work because of the support we have, especially having an Indigenous Program Coordinator. And things like ID’s (staff café), the gym, the fact that the people are really easy to get along with, the training facilities...I don’t think I’d find this at another workplace. It’s really good to see other blackfellas working at Crown, too. I’d love to see more of them around here.







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