Joel Hamling

Joel Hamling

Local Broome Boy and Role Model

Joel Hamling, 17, is local boy living in the beautiful town of Broome. He moved from Kununarra when he was very young with his mother. Joel attends the Broome Senior High School. Joel understands his move to Broome with his mother to be for the wider opportunities available in a bigger town like Broome. He is an inspiration to the youth of Broome, believing it is so important to 'get an education and stick at it so you can set yourself up for the future.'

Joel Hamling plays footy for the Cable Beach Football Club. He is in his last year of school and will head to Perth next year to continue with his footy. His passion for his mates at school is infectious. He really does want the best for all of them.

'Sport gets you to school', says Joel. Rather than staying at home at not attending school, Joel understands how important it is to go to school and with footy, he looks forward to going.

The Clontarf Football Academy, a program set up in the Kimberley, promotes education and school attendance through footy. It encourages Indigenous kids to school from remote areas. This program is very successful in motivating kids to attend and stay at school. 

In his free time, Joel is like any other Broome boy, enjoying fishing in the creeks, catching mud crabs and of course playing and watching football with his mates.

Joel is a fantastic role model to the youth of Broome and with his maturity and inspirational qualities he will be a big success in Perth. The team at GenerationOne wish him all the best in his final school year and in Perth.

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