Jane Gamia - Innisfail

Jane Gamia - Innisfail

Jane, 40, recently graduated with a Certificate IV in Education

One year down and four to go might seem daunting for some but for Jane Gamia a strong desire to be a teacher and ignite a passion for learning into her students is enough to keep up her dedication to study.

Jane, 40, recently graduated with a Certificate IV in Education and plans to jump straight into a Diploma in 2011 before launching into her Bachelor of Education in 2012.

The single mum of two opted to study with RATEP, despite knowing it would mean making sacrifices to her lifestyle.

“I had to wait until my children were a little bit older and independent – this is my chance to do some studying,” Jane said.  “It’s a bit tough financially but I know that it is a sacrifice I have to make. I’ll get there.”

Jane wholeheartedly encourages anyone with a passion for teaching to consider RATEP.

“I take my hat off to the teachers.  They offer so much encouragement giving me the confidence to keep coming back. If you want to help the children in the community you need to go for it.”

Jane, who already works as a teacher aide, plans to become a primary school teacher and maybe venture into high school education as her daughters’ progress with their education.


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