Glen Waistcoat

Glen Waistcoat

Hard work and a good education delivers

Glenn Waistcoat is an 18 year old Indigenous man from Tennant Creek.

Glenn attended Yirara College as a student between 2005 -2008. As all students board at Yirara College Glenn was cared for and mentored by Boarding House staff, the academic staff as well as Clontarf Football Academystaff.

He has studied a number of units from a variety of VET courses and studied components in Media through a School Based Apprenticeship in Media.

Glenn’s passion for sport became evident during this period, as did his gift in mentoring younger students. Due to the recognition of these factors, Yirara College employed Glenn as a Trainee Sport and Recreation Officer in 2009. He is studying Certificate lll through Batchelor College in Alice Springs while working in the male Boarding House, with the Sports and Recreation Officer in sports programs and with the Yirara College Clontarf Football Academy.

Glenn is also an accomplished AFL player and is in the training squad for the NT Thunder Team.


Why a career in Sports & Recreation? I really love my sport and wanted to pass that onto other people. I’ve already done Certificate II in Sports and Recreation at CDU and I’m able to use a lot of what I’ve learned on the job already.

What would you say to other’s thinking about a career in Sports? I get to travel, meet experienced coaches and teach students new things. The job has lots of interesting areas to learn and it doesn’t feel like hard work. I am a trainee Sports and Recreation Officer at Yirara College and I love it.

Where do you see your career taking you? I am aiming to be a professional coach and I’d also like to go on to university. I study at Bachelor College now.

What’s the best thing about working? I am learning lots of new things. The staff who mentor me are really helpful. I learn a lot from watching how other teachers and students interact and from this I am developing my own teaching and coaching style. I love meeting new students.

How do you feel about having your own income? It makes me feel really good that I’m earning my own money. I am able to save it and manage it. I do not need to rely financially on my family anymore.

What’s the best advice you could give students moving into work? Don’t ever give up. Watch the people around you and learn from them. Don’t be scared to ask questions.

Any other advice? Keep going to school, don’t be lazy. Make good choices with your life.

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