Georgie Drijver

Georgie Drijver

Georgie Drijver - Djarragun College, Far North Queensland

My passion for Indigenous Education began 4 years ago. I have extensive experience in teaching English 7-12, ESL and Literacy Support. At my base school, Geelong High School, I developed a passion for finding effective ways to teach students to read. This led to my involvement in the Literacy Coaching Program piloted by the Department of Education. I worked closely with students, parents and other staff members to support Literacy in the school. It is this opportunity which helped me decide to accept a Scholarship offered by the DEECD to complete my Master of Education in Special Educational Needs.

I spent 2008-2009 teaching Aboriginal students in the Victorian "Outback" and completing research and further studies. This experience contributed to what I now consider my life’s passion – Indigenous Education. I am currently teaching Senior English in an Indigenous school, Djarragun College, in Far North Queensland.

Currently my husband and I are part of a teaching couple. It is our aim to continue our work in remote communities around Australia. We have two children Heidi aged 9 and Jonas aged 11. Our children attend the Indigenous schools we teach in and have embraced the learning experiences of such opportunities. This year both children performed at the Weipa Cultural Festival with other students from their school and at the Townsville Cultural Festival. They are learning more about diversity and Indigenous cultures than they could possibly learn from books. They are living the cultural experiences.

As a teacher of Indigenous students, I have had the opportunity to develop lessons using various learning strategies and teaching methods to support individual learning needs. I am challenged to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient. It is through a holistic understanding of each child’s development that all students have been able to achieve great success in my classes.

It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to all schools and Indigenous communities I work in.

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