Erica Pell

Erica Pell

Burswood - Acting Manager

My name is Erica Pell and Iam a Yamatji woman who was born in South Hedland. I am the youngest of a large family of five sisters and one brother. I have 4 beautiful children and currently live in Perth. 

Before relocating to Perth in 2009, I lived in the lovely seaside town of Busselton in the South West of WA. As my children were getting older I returned to work and began 3 years of employment at Abbey Beach Resort, cleaning rooms.

Once I moved to Perth I needed employment and considered Burswood as it was a large organisation with a focus on employing Aboriginal people. I figured there must be a job for me there, so I applied and was successful!  Since then I have not looked back.

I work in a dual role where I work as both a Supervisor and a cleaner. I really enjoy my job and my hard work has paid off as I have been given the opportunity to act as a Supervisor. It was certainly something I had not thought would ever happen in my career, but it's cool and I love it.

My job is very much involved with customers so I enjoy meeting new people and the interaction with the public. I receive many positive comments from a lot of our Aboriginal patrons about the good job I am doing at Burswood. I have made a lot of new friends in many different departments.

As much as I enjoy my job the early morning starts are tough particularly in winter, but you get used to it.

As a Supervisor you get some staff who are a little jealous of my promotion but the best way to answer any negativity is to do the job to your best ability.

I am lucky that I receive so much fabulous support from the Aboriginal Employment Team through Christine and Sharon. They are awesome. 




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