Corin Masatora

Corin Masatora

Burswood - Security Officer

My name is Corin Masatora I was born in Derby and have lived most of my life in Broome. My people are the Bardi Clan. I am Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and part Japanese. I am 20 years old.

My dream is to go to University and study to be a teacher but before I do that I am working to save enough money. My preferred occupation at the moment is to work as a Security Officer at Burswood.

I was motivated to earn and save money but ultimately I wanted to get some hands on experience in working in the Security industry. So far it has been a fabulous experience. 

I really enjoy working with my colleagues as it’s important we have respect for each other in this job as we really rely on each other “being there” for back up.

I have met so many people since being employed at Burswood a year ago. I get great feedback from a lot of Aboriginal people since I am often the first person they see when entering the gaming floor. 

As a musician I was lucky enough to perform at our Aboriginal Employee’s Workshop in NAIDOC Week.

Working as a Security Officer in any workplace offers challenges not only for our patrons but also for us personally. The safety aspect is the most important and we need to ensure that it is always a safe environment at Burswood. I am fortunate that I haven’t been involved in any serious situations, but we have to be alert at all times. 

I have formed a lot of different friendships with people from all walks of life and nationalities through my employment at Burswood, and in the process I have learnt a lot about human behaviour. 

I believe in order to achieve your dreams you need to have a  good idea about what you wish to do in your career and then set long term goals. You always need to keep motivated, and don’t give up.



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