Carol Edwards

Carol Edwards

32 Year-Old Kokoberrin woman uses local support to become health promotion officer

I lived in Normanton most my life, apart from five years spent in Townsville for schooling.

I started studying Nursing after completing year 12 in Townsville, which I never completed due to the lack of support for me in Townsville as well as trying to hold down some part time work. I returned to Normanton and became a Mum at the age of 21yrs, at this time I had no employment, until I was invited to a local Aboriginal Women's organisation, for a young mum's program. After attending a number of these programs, local elders and leaders associated with the organisation saw potential in me and offered me employment/training as a receptionist at this organistaion. The support and encouragement I received from our local people help me to grow and start to understand issues within my community and why things are the way they are!!!

In saying that, as a young person I never knew any different, everything that was happening around me was just normal to me and apart of everyday life!!

I've come a long way since then, I stuck to my job and kept on moving up! I went on to work for a local Aboriginal Health Organisation as a project officer, then moved up to coordinator.

Currently a mother of 3 girls 1yrs, 6yrs, 11yrs and working full-time as Health Promotion Officer as part of Oxfam Australia's Gulf Regional Health Service, have been with Oxfam for 5yrs.

Part of my role as Health Promotion Officer includes working closely & consulting with local people to:

  • Implement health promotion aspects of the service delivery plan for Normanton
  • Identify and prioritise areas for health promotion activities/programs, including new initiatives in consultation with community
  • Facilitate linkages between current service delivery mechanisms and identified health and wellbeing needs
  • Identify local stakeholders with skills and interests in health promotion and offer relevant training and mentoring programs to build capacity within the community
  • Contribute to research and analysis on indigenous health issues and trends as derived from Oxfam Australia's GRHS initiative and other areas to inform agency indigenous strategy and policy
  • Contribute to relevant policy and advocacy strategies to promote fairer outcomes for the Normanton Community

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