Barbara McGillivray

Barbara McGillivray

Builds employment opportunities for others

Barbara McGillivray, a Tjupan women from the North East Goldfields, born in Leonora, WA and currently resides in Perth. She is the State Manager, Indigenous Employment and Training Division at TR7 in Perth. TR7 is a major human resources company, Australia wide. The Director of TR7 offered Barbara her current job after meeting her in Kalgoorlie in 2007.

As state manager, Barbara negotiates with any industry to identify Indigenous positions for all ages, recruits suitable applicants of the streets, jobs service Australia etc., trains them to job specifics in knowledge skills and attitude, cultural obligations and other topics, places them into fulltime sustainable permanent employment within their local community and mentors the employee, families and employers from day 1 -12 months.

Barbara has been tirelessly working since 1992 on a voluntary capacity and paid employment to encourage Aboriginal people to get a good education to gain employment. She always stresses the importance of getting an education to gain any job that you want. I do not believe in the word can't. where there is a will there's a way. We can live in both worlds successfully. We just need to forgive the past and move on. I cannot stress enough the importance of eduction.

Our people under estimate their abilities and skills.

She has been successful in working towards organising and negotiating training and long-term sustainable employment for Aboriginal people from all ages and continues to do so. My job is a challenging if I can bring about positive change for 1 person I have succeeded and I will continue to do so. Nothing inspires me more than assisting and working alongside my people encouraging them to find employment, training to gain fulltime employment.

Barbara is passionate about her cultural heritage and Aboriginal languages and hope that out Aboriginal languages a recognised and acknowledge in the Australian constitution. Barbara is the National Chairperson for the Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages and Culture Corporation, which is based in Melbourne.

Barbara had the opportunity to go to high school at Applecross senior high in Perth and wanted to be a air hostess or hair dresser. During the year whilst in year 10 she had to leave school to go home to look after her brothers and sisters as her mum was very ill. Barbara did not get the opportunity to go back to complete year 10 and had to find a job to help to support her family.

A few years later she got married and had 4 children, when her youngest started primary school, Barbara decided to go to college to further her education. Barbara studied from 1986- 1994 whilst bringing up her children and involved in many voluntary organisations and working.

In 1994 Barbara gained her Bachelor Degree in Applied Science, through Curtin University. She has continued to study and gain qualifications in areas as diverse as Training and Assessment, Western Desert Languages and Silk Screening. In addition Barbara is politically savvy and through long involvement with the political process at both state and national level, is able to read, assess and react to the political landscape.

Barbara embodies the WA 'can-do' spirit in a heady mix with Aboriginal way of nurturing and mentoring. She is passionate about ensuring that Aboriginal people gain access to the great employment opportunities and the wealth of Western Australia and Australia wide. Through her friendly, inclusive style Barbara has built an impressive network of people who are happy to be a phone call away... from Geoff Gallop, previous Premier of WA, to many of the current crop of mining, oil, gas and other industry and business magnates. Barbara stays in close contact with Aboriginal communities and organisations across Australia, always looking for the opportunities to keep Aboriginal issues in the mind space of WA business and government.

From little things big things grow!! Never give up trying.

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