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2 March 2015



Sixteen Indigenous people are one step closer to the reality of becoming a CEO as GenerationOne’s Jeremy Donovan announced the successful applicants of the CEO for a Day competition which will see winners shadow a high-profile business leader.

“GenerationOne’s CEO for a Day competition provides winners with the experience of leading an organisation, and learning from some of the best in the business” said Jeremy Donovan, CEO of GenerationOne. 

“This is a collaboration with ASX 100 companies including the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, Telstra, and Programmed, and leading Australian organisations like Boystown, Marist Youth Care and the Business Council of Australia” he said.

Shelley Cable, a 20 year old Noongar woman from Western Australia, says being CEO for a Day will give her a glimpse into the future that she already works hard every day to achieve: “where Indigenous Australians realise and achieve what they are truly capable of”.

“I want to mentor and inspire Indigenous youth to aim for the impossible, and then achieve it“ said Shelley Cable in her winning entry.

Shelley will experience being the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, where she will be mentored and supported by Mr Ian Narev who runs Australia’s largest financial institution with market capitalisation of $100 billion.

Commonwealth Bank CEO, Ian Narev, said: “I am delighted to be taking part in GenerationOne’s CEO for a Day initiative, and am looking forward to Shelley Cable joining me for the day. As a major Australian company, we have a responsibility to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples achieve their aspirations. Doing so is a key component of our Reconciliation Action Plan.”

Jeremy praised the work of complementary organisations like CareerTrackers, the Aurora Project, Indigenous Accountants Australia, Yalari and AIME who had existing relationships with some of the entrants.

 “These winners are on an amazing career trajectory. Through the GenerationOne CEO for a Day experience, we hope to get them there even sooner, and better equipped for their leadership roles” said Jeremy Donovan. 

“We want all Indigenous Australians to dream big, and work hard to achieve their goals, and this experience will help illuminate the career pathways available to Indigenous people” he said.

“GenerationOne hopes to break the cycle of hopelessness that pervades Indigenous communities by attacking unemployment on two fronts: firstly through VTEC, where unemployed Indigenous Australians are given a hand up and into the workforce through employer-directed training, and secondly, through the CEO for a Day comp where we are breaking the stereotype that to be Indigenous means to be disadvantaged” said Jeremy Donovan.

Winners include:

  • Shelley Cable, 20 year old Business Analyst from WA
  • Nikki Chenoweth, 43 year old Graphic Designer from QLD
  • Jayde Geia, 27 year old Lawyer from QLD
  • Craig Holloway, 37 year old Health worker from VIC
  • Paula Hicks, 31 year old Business student             from WA
  • Carmelita Tabuchi-Muap, 32 year old Financial Services employee from SA
  • Darrell Morris, 34 year old Human Services worker from QLD
  • Patricia Doolan, 22 year old Financial Services employee from QLD
  • Darren Hammond, 28 year old Recruitment Adviser from NSW
  • Adam Douthat, 26 year old Public Servant from VIC
  • Dudley Duncan, 28 year old Public Servant from NSW
  • Marcia            Edwards, 26 year old Director of a Cryogenics Company from WA
  • Siv Parker, 49 year old Social and Cultural Adviser from NSW
  • Loyola Wills, 20 year old Arts / Law student from SA
  • Felicia Wright, 21 year Law / Psychology student from SA
  • Sha-lane Gibson, 19 year old Social Policy advocate and student from QLD


Participating CEO’s include:

  • Clinton Wolf, Chairman of ICRG
  • Phil Chronican, CEO of ANZ
  • Fiona   Berkin, CEO of Morris Corporation
  • Tracy Adams, CEO of BoysTown
  • Chris Sutherland, CEO of Programmed
  • Gillon McLachlan, CEO of Australian Football League (AFL)
  • Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australia (BCA)
  • David Thodey, CEO of Telstra
  • Ian Narev, CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Cate Sydes, CEO of Marist Youth Care
  • Barry Felstead, CEO of Crown Resorts Australia
  • Annette Carey, CEO of Linfox
  • Rachelle Towart, CEO of Austalian Indigenous Leadership Centre
  • Jeremy Donovan, CEO of GenerationOne





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