September 2013

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GenerationOne Blog - September 2013


GenerationOne and ten of its employer partners are giving all Indigenous people a chance at the top job for a day as part of a campaign launched to lift the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The CEO for a Day campaign is aimed at giving Indigenous people the hope and belief that they too can be a CEO, of any organisation, by offering the chance for ten Indigenous people to shadow ten high-powered CEOs. “Entries have started to come in already, and they are truly inspiring. We have had applications from young school students keen to finish school, University graduates looking for their big break, and those playing senior roles within the community already” said Jeremy Donovan, Development Director of GenerationOne. “The best par... More...

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$45 million will go to providers, not GenerationOne

Statement regarding the incoming-Government's commitment of $45 million for Indigenous training and employment:  During the 2013 Federal election campaign, the Coalition committed to providing up to: "$45 million for the GenerationOne employment model so that training opportunities and guaranteed jobs can be provided for up to 5,000 unemployed Indigenous Australians under the Australian Employment Covenant".  In Mr Abbott’s comments during the policy announcement on the 17 of August 2013, he further clarified how the $45 million for the training places would be distributed by saying: “We are training for jobs, not training for training’s sake. They are not confined to any particular provider, they are simply available for training providers who are... More...

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Indigenous Literacy Day today

It is a basic human right, to be able to read and write yet we know that it is a privilege that so many Indigenous live without. Still today the statistics show that only 1 in 5 children in remote communities can read at the national expected level.  While our culture has survived through our ability to share stories, so many go without the ability to read a story.   I have experienced first hand the struggles associated with literacy, and also know the freedom and pride that comes from being literate.   As an Indigenous Australian there is every opportunity to succeed in whatever it is you dare to dream, but it must start with the basic human right to read. GenerationOne supports and celebrates Indigenous Literacy Day because, like so many other org... More...

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