August 2013

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GenerationOne Blog - August 2013

Father's Day 2013

In today’s society, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men must walk in both worlds, our role as men and as Fathers has never been harder. But it has never been more important either. As fathers and as men, we must embrace the life-changing power of education and employment, believe in our children’s dreams, protect and respect their Mums, and see our Aboriginality as an advantage not a disadvantage. Happy Father’s Day!  ... More...

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Garma Festival - an unbreakable rock that stands against time

Very few people can stand on a stage, where English is not their first language, and share a message that is so profound that it moves the entire audience. I was privileged to witness this at the 2013 Garma Festival in Arnhem Land, when cultural leader Djawa Yunupingu stood up and delivered a keynote address that was rock solid.  This is fitting given that the translation of the word ‘Yunupingu’ means ‘Rock’ in the words of Djawa, ‘an unbreakable rock that stands against time’.  Photo: GenerationOne's Jeremy Donovan dancing Bungul at Garma 2013. Image courtesy of BushTV.  ... More...

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ELECTION 2013: Speech - Mr Andrew Forrest Founder of GenerationOne

ELECTION 2013: SPEECH - Mr Andrew Forrest Founder of GenerationOne, delivered in respone to the Coalition's announcement of their Indigneous Employment policy:   Employment dramatically changes lives for the better. I have witnessed it. I have lived it. I deeply believe this. I stand here with absolute conviction to tell you: only employment puts welfare out of work. It’s employment that allows Indigenous people to walk amongst the giants of their traditional cultures and also to have economic independence which brings self-reliance, freedom and pride...... More...

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