April 2013

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GenerationOne Blog - April 2013

GenerationOne submission: Indigenous Employment Program review

  The opportunity exists to fix welfare dependency and employment disparity for Indigenous Australians in a single generation through meaningful employment. Since 2008, 337 employers have united to create 61,274 jobs for Indigenous Australians through the Australian Employment Covenant, now an initiative of GenerationOne. The jobs are there; the effective training is not. The demand for an Indigenous workforce has been created. Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) are the best way to build the supply to meet the demand of employers. VTEC provides holistic pre-employment training and work-readiness, to support candidates directly into jobs.  ... More...

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Pearls MiiHome: Building an Indigenous Workforce

Last month Pearls MiiHome joined Australia’s largest demand led Indigenous employment campaign, by signing an Australian Employment Covenant, a GenerationOne initiative.  Announcing 100 Indigenous job opportunities to be filled over the next year, Pearls MiiHome have committed to ending the disparity through employment.  In a very short space of time MiiHome has recruited 50 Indigenous staff in three separate recruitment drives.  This month fifteen Indigenous job seekers will commence the Work Access Program – a training and employment program which runs for 10 weeks with a job with MiiHome at the end for successful participants. Darien Torrens is one Indigenous employee who is taking up a job opportunity in construction.   ... More...

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ISS Leaders in Indigenous Employment

In 2009 ISS Facility Services committed 50 jobs for Indigenous job candidates in 2009 through the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC).   In February 2011 after fulfilling its first covenant, the company resigned and committed a further 265 jobs.   At the beginning of March at a small event attended by GenerationOne in Queensland, ISS announced it has employed over 550 Indigenous people.    Scott Wilson, ISS National Manager Employment Programs and Indigenous Development put the success of the program down to actions, ongoing support and the overall structure of the program.    ... More...

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Covenant Update

In the last month the GenerationOne movement to end the disparity between Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians has grown.  Two new employers, Pearls MiiHome and YMCA NSW have signed Employment Covenants.    Both Pearls MiiHome and the YMCA NSW have joined the existing 335 employers to be part of Australia’s largest demand led Indigenous employment campaign.    Pearls MiiHome, based on the Gold Coast has committed one hundred jobs over the next year.  Working in partnership with Mission Australia Pearls MiiHome CEO Mark Winfield said this covenant is building on existing employment opportunities.  ... More...

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GenerationOne’s third birthday - a call to action

On the occasion of GenerationOne’s third birthday, founder Andrew Forrest and Chairman Warren Mundine hosted a senior executive’s breakfast in Parliament House, Canberra, to highlight the need for employer-directed training.   GenerationOne used the event to call on policy makers to prepare Indigenous jobseekers for jobs that exist, and support only the models of employer-directed training. Training in isolation to the jobs market is futile.   Representatives from over 100 employers, which partner with GenerationOne, shared their Indigenous employment experiences with Government Ministers, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and Shadow Ministers.   Mr Forrest congratulated the 335 employers who had built the demand for an Indigenous workforce through the creatin... More...

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GenerationOne today welcomed the release of the Government’s discussion paper and its call for submissions regarding Changes to Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) Assessment and Funding Processes. The announcement reflects GenerationOne’s core policy goal: that training must be linked to a real job. The Government discussion paper will review the funding and assessment process associated with IEPs. Last week GenerationOne founder, Andrew Forrest, called on the Government and all policy makers to harness their commitment to Indigenous employment and demanded an end to the training for training’s sake model, which traps job seekers in a cycle of welfare dependency.... More...

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The YMCA has joined the generation for change!

The YMCA has joined 337 Australian employers in partnering with GenerationOne to end Indigenous disparity through employment.    This week GenerationOne Chairman Warren Mundine and the New South Wales YMCA CEO Phillip Hare signed an employment Covenant in Sydney.    The NSW YMCA has committed 500 jobs for Indigenous job seekers to be filled over the next five years.    “There is only one way to tackle welfare dependency in Indigenous communities and that’s to give people the best viable alternative – a career.  The YMCA is offering real career opportunities sport, recreation, camping and outdoor education,” said Mr Mundine.     ... More...

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