March 2013

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GenerationOne Blog - March 2013

SPEECH: GenerationOne Senior Executive Breakfast Canberra

Expectations Lead – Results Follow Andrew Forrest  March 20 2013  The more you get to know Aboriginal people, the more you love them.  It explains my whole-hearted passion in ridding Australia of the disparity in life opportunities that continues to blight our first Australians.  In no way am I alone.  It can be done.  It can be done in our generation. The will of Australia to swim against the welfare tide is now evident. Aboriginal employees are stepping up, and at least 335 guaranteed employers across Australia are reaching out to them.  I deeply thank you for leading the way.  GenerationOne, the Employment Covenant and so many who courageously guarantee employment and forced change.  The culture of our country towards the Aboriginal... More...

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It's an election year, so make your voice heard

This morning GenerationOne, its employer partners and their Indigenous employees, had breakfast with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Julie Collins, Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development, representing the Prime Minister. They shared first hand experiences of how Indigenous employment is the key to ending disparity in this generation. We want you to have your say too. It's an election year, so make your voice heard. Join with us, and call on the Government and the Opposition to commit to training that links to a guaranteed job. Stop training for training's sake. Today, the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will have this breakfast at the forefront of their minds. Copy this text and send it in an email to Prime Minister Julia Gillard through  ... More...

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GenerationOne - Annual Report 2012-13

It's been another big year for GenerationOne and our team, who have worked to deliver real change in employment and training with Indigenous people. Here is our annual report, which forms part of the Minderoo Foundation Annual Report.  GenerationOne is deeply committed to filling the balance of the 60,000 promised AEC jobs by employers, to truly break the cycle of disadvantage caused by intergenerational welfare dependency, compounded by the failure to educate the next generation.  In the year 2012-13 an additional 2,218 jobs were created through 9 new Australian Employment Covenants being committed. Since the Covenant began, 50 Covenants have been fulfilled, and 23 of those employers resigned to increase their job opportunities. We have continued our multi-platformed marketin... More...

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Alec Engineers his Future

Over the summer holidays Alec Skeen wasn’t surfing, playing footy or hanging out with his mates, he joined 21 other Indigenous kids from across the country to attend the Sydney University Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School Camp (IAESS).  In his final year of study at Babinda State School in Far North Queensland, Alec has his eyes fixed on his career – he wants to be an engineer. At the week-long camp over 2,000 kilometres away from home, Alec got a taste of the Sydney University Engineering degree as well as life in the big city.  The days were action packed he said, with tours of famous landmarks and visits to renowned engineering companies.    ... More...

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