October 2012

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GenerationOne Blog - October 2012

It’s not only about the iPads in the 2012 Peoples Choice school competition

Over the last few months, thousands of schools across Australia have formed part of the CREATivE CHANGE school competition, and now all Australians can get involved by voting for the best entry in the Peoples Choice competition to give one school the chance to win 4 iPads.  ... More...

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Warren Mundine, GenerationOne CEO has condemned any move to remove alcohol management plans in 19 Indigenous communities in Queensland.

Mr Mundine is calling on Indigenous communities and its leaders to have a unified voice against removing the bans. “We want our kids in school embracing their education; we want our people in jobs and we want a future for our communities.  The removal of alcohol management plans could result in the reverse of this – that is not a risk I think a responsible government should take,” Mr Mundine said. “The government needs to be listening to the communities that will be impacted by the lifting of alcohol management plans.  We are just starting to get things right and this would be a retrograde step,” Mr Mundine said.  ... More...

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Dreams, Aspirations and a CREATivE CHANGE

‘Dream Big’ was the message that GenerationOne spokesperson and internationally renowned Didgeridoo player Jeremy Donovan shared with school students along the Australian east coast last week.     ... More...

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