June 2012

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GenerationOne Blog - June 2012

Schools kick off CREATivE CHANGE

Use your voice, make your move and send your message!  The GenerationOne CREATivE CHANGE School Competition is giving teachers and students across the country an opportunity to start the conversation on Indigenous issues and reconciliation in the classroom.  The third annual GenerationOne school competition is now open and encourages all students, Primary and Secondary, Indigenous and non-Indigenous to get involved, work together and create an entry for the chance to win $15,000. The 2012 competition has two divisions this year; Primary school and Secondary school division.  Primary schools are asked to recreate the GenerationOne theme song ‘Hands Across Australia’, whilst Secondary schools students are encouraged to reform the Warumpi Band’s 1980’... More...

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A $10 Million Promise

In a landmark speech last week, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott MP endorsed the GenerationOne approach of employer-directed training for Indigenous jobs. Mr Abbott endorsed the training methods used in the current Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) model; “identify willing employers, earmark suitable jobs and guarantee Aboriginal people ongoing employment provided they do the training and take the job,” Mr Abbott said.    ... More...

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Landmark Speech - Tony Aboott's Address to the Pratt Foundation, Melbourne Friday, 8 June 2012 LANDMARK SPEECH THE COALITION’S PLAN FOR STRONGER COMMUNITIES   John Howard was onto something when he said that he wanted Australians to feel more “relaxed and comfortable” about our country. People naturally seek the reassurance that their job is safe, their doctor is available, their children go to a good school, their neighbourhood is friendly, and their country is secure. ... More...

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