March 2012

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GenerationOne Blog - March 2012

CLOSING THE GAP - Jeremy Donovan

On March 8 2012 my wife and I were blessed by the birth of our second daughter and fourth and final child, ‘Jakarri June Donovan’. Jakarri was born at Nambour Public Hospital, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.   Jakarri is our fourth child, we had a certain level of awareness around the procedures of birth, but nothing could of prepared us for some of the trauma and fear that would soon come.  After some difficulties during an extremely fast labour, my wife and Jakarri returned to the maternity ward.  I went home to gather the family who had patiently been waiting with anticipation on the arrival of their newest sibling.   ... More...

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Programmed for Change

At just 16, burdened with family problems, Stephen Thorpe was living alone in Adelaide. For a while he tried to navigate the complications of running a household alongside his school studies. The pressure mounted and Stephen eventually dropped out of school, beginning what he describes as a cycle of poor choices and missed opportunities. It was only in the middle of last year, when a friend suggested he take a look at the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) website that he found something that sparked an interest; a traineeship with Programmed.  “I was very nervous going for the interview. So, when I got the position I was ecstatic. I really felt it was an opportunity to turn my life around,” Stephen enthused.  ... More...

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Two years on with GenerationOne

Two years on, GenerationOne has grown to a movement of over 230,000 people.  Australians from all walks of life have got on-board the movement to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation.  After GenerationOne launched in March 2010 at the Sydney Opera House, it embarked on a road show, of communities across Australia.   The GenerationOne bus visited over 80 communities all over the country, listening to people about what changes they wanted to see.  Overwhelmingly the most important thing that we heard from people and their communities all over Australia was the need for jobs and long-term careers.   More importantly, people told us they don’t want anymore undirected training that doesn’t lead to... More...

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Building Resilient Communities - Jeremy Donovan

On Wednesday 7th March 2012, I was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at a conference for Queensland Youth Industry Links (QYIL). The conference took place at the Sunshine Coast University’s state of the art 'Innovation Centre'.  The conference was focused on bringing people together from across the fields of youth engagement, education and employment.   ... More...

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Tania Major - Connecting girls inspiring futures

Tania Major, GenerationOne spokesperson and proud Kokoberra woman from the remote community of Kowanyama in Cape York Queensland, was invited to attend the Coffs Harbour City Council celebrations for International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is observed by thousands of people all over the world and on March 8 Tania was part of the culturally diverse celebrations. The 2012 them was “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”.  Tania was a keynote speaker at the event and shared her personal experiences from life, GenerationOne, and her Cape York Super Sisters Project with the attendees. She has reflected on the experience;      ... More...

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Brain science: Gives you a buzz.

The brain is one of our most vital organs, made up of billions of tiny cells.  It is responsible for our learning and memory, impacts the way we feel, and processes the information coming in through our five senses.  To encourage students who have passion for science help discover what careers are available, Professor Linda Richards started the Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) in 2006, which is about to commence for 2012.   ... More...

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You. Three Friends. Four New iPad2s. A bigger movement for change

I joined GenerationOne because I believe by working together, we can end the disparity between our peoples in one generation.  Already, over 230,000 Australians have joined with me and Tania Major, to help make this happen.  Now it's time to get our friends, family and work colleagues on board, to help us build this movement for change.   ... More...

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