December 2011

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GenerationOne Blog - December 2011

Walk in My Shoes

It’s not often we have an opportunity to ask Indigenous job seekers and their employers across Australia, “what’s actually working?” or “can you share the your experiences?”   That’s why GenerationOne commissioned the social research firm, Auspoll, to research the experiences of Indigenous people looking for work or already employed and a number of employers.... More...

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Balancing Culture and Career – the story of a future Mayor of his community

When Bernard Charlie gets home from his month long stints on the Port Hedland railway line in Western Australia, it doesn’t take him long to settle back into his community.  “You know you can be months and months away, and it takes five minutes and you’re home,” the 36 year-old said.  The small Aboriginal community, Umagico, located on the Northern Peninsula of Queensland, is home to about  270 people.   When Bernard was growing up, high unemployment rates, alcohol and smoking plagued his community.  He witnessed welfare dependency, and is determined to make a change for himself and set and example to his neighbours and friends.    ... More...

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Navigating University now made easier

“Education is undeniably one of the most important opportunities afforded to us” - Deborah Mailman, Indigenous student’s guide 2011.   Navigating and accessing University will now be easier; with an online version of the Indigenous student’s guide launched this week.    ... More...

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