July 2011

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GenerationOne Blog - July 2011


GenerationOne hit the ground running early last year with a national campaign to help end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. We’ve thrown the spotlight on the need for action through job creation and training, with high-profile events such as 13-year-old Maddy Madden’s televised address to the nation and the hugely popular school song contest. And we sponsored the ARIA awards — how fantastic was it to see the Colli Crew perform Close That Gap in front of the Opera House to a television audience of millions! As a result, our membership has ballooned to nearly 120,000. It’s a great result and it’s just the start. But we also understand the importance of staying in touch, so we asked Auspoll to run an online survey to find out how y... More...

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: PART-TIME CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT – INFORMATION AND PUBLIC ENQUIRIES The organisation GenerationOne is a movement that brings all Australians together to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation. GenerationOne focuses on education that prepares for life, training that is specific for a job, sustainable employment and career opportunities, and mentoring that gets results. Australians are unified around a desire to ensure that this is the last generation to suffer disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and so far over 117,000 people have joined this movement for change. For further information on GenerationOne please refer to the website: www.generationone.org.au  The Person: GenerationOne... More...

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ALNF needs your help with our Share-A-Book program

  Dear ALNF friends and supporters,The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is in desperate need of donated or discounted storage space (50 – 100 sq m) to house, sort and pack boxes of literacy resources in support of our Share-A-Book and Literacy Pack programs.Both Share-A-Book and Literacy Packs provide Indigenous, refugee and marginalised students across Australia with books and educational resources they would otherwise go without. These programs are exceptionally important in helping ALNF teach marginalised young people to read and write. However, we cannot continue these programs without the adequate facilities to house, sort, pack and send the items.We are looking for 50 – 100 square metres of easily accessible, ground floor storage space in ... More...

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July 1 marks an important milestone in the fight against Indigenous disparity.

GenerationOne's sister organisation, the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) has announced it has met its initial goal of securing the commitment of 50,000 jobs for Indigenous Australians. This will have been the largest combined effort of corporate Australia in this country’s history to unite for a single purpose – to eliminate Indigenous disparity through employment targets. Click here to view the AEC's announcement and see a compelling video that shows how this change can transform the lives of Indigenous Australians, their workmates and employers. This is fantastic news but the work of the AEC is just beginning.    ... More...

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