June 2011

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GenerationOne Blog - June 2011

Natural History Museum Fellowships An opportunity for one Aboriginal and one Torres Strait Islander person to work and study at the Natural History Museum, London

Sponsors of the Fellowships The Natural History Museum (NHM) has announced/chosen to sponsor a Torres Strait Islander to work and study at the NHM in London for six months.  The Australian government has decided to sponsor, and the NHM has agreed to host, an Aboriginal person to also work and study at the NHM.  These fellowships are expected to begin from 1 September 2011.  The fellowships will include funding for accommodation and airfares, and a daily rate of living allowance whilst in London.  The successful Aboriginal applicant for the Australian government sponsored fellowship will need to sign an agreement in relation to use and acquittal of the funds and expected outcomes.  The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet through the Office for the Arts i... More...

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