November 2010

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GenerationOne Blog - November 2010

National Close the Gap Day - Planned for March 24 2011

Dateclaimer:  National CLOSETHEGAP Day 2011 - Thursday March 24 For many of you the year will soon be starting to wind down but before you put away the calendars and work diaries, we want you to reach for your 2011 annual planners and add an important dateclaimer  for National CLOSETHEGAP Day on Thursday March 24. Again this year hundreds of workplaces, schools, community centres, classrooms and other gatherings marked National Close the Gap Day taking time to highlight the importance of working together to achieve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality and to close the 10-17 year gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. With your support 2011 National ... More...

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Guest Blogger: Rhonda Parker, CEO Australian Employment Covenant

A commitment for 25,600 jobs for Indigenous Australians is a significant achievement   The Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) has made a significant impact on real employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians in partnership with corporate Australia, the Government and industry. Initiatives like the AEC’s 50,000 jobs campaign have helped provide a positive message to the community, as well as practical ways for employers to employ Indigenous Australians.   Since the initiative was launched 2 years ago, AEC employers have committed to providing 25,600 jobs across 173 businesses in 17 industries.  The first phase of the AEC’s work has been to concentrate on getting 50,000 job commitments from employers, because the... More...

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