June 2010

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GenerationOne Blog - June 2010

The Family That Inspired GenerationOne

Andrew Forrest, founder of GenerationOne, visited his second family, the Blacks, in Minderoo last week. It's an inspirational story, and the motivation behind Andrew's fight to end Indigenous disadvantage. Forrest frequently recounts the story of a time when he, as a boy, came upon a bull trapped by tree roots in a gully. He had to make a choice between making a 2-day ride to get an axe to cut the roots (a time period in which the bull could drown if it rained) or try to get the bull out on his own. Forrest successfully got the bull out on his own, a feat which gained him praise from his childhood mentor, Scotty Black. ... More...

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Tania Major, our GenOne spokesperson, shares her views on our new PM

"This is really exciting our first female Prime Minister!! It has taken Australia long enough to realise how much women have contributed to our country and having  the first female PM is a break through on so many levels. I am so glad that I am alive and to be born female in this era, to witness in my state of Queensland "Our First Female Premier", "Our First Female Governor General" and now "Our first female PM." ... More...

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Clayfield College's Indigenous Learning Program

Clayfield College's Indigenous Learning Program is a good example of how important education is in helping prepare one for life - and it doesn't just stop there. This program makes use of a holistic approach to achieve its mission to transition, integrate, educate, and provide greater opportunities and better outcomes for the future. Here is an inspiriational story from Mrs. Vicky Jones, the Head of Middle Schooling at Clayfield College: It had been a good day. Her temperature had remained constant at 39 degrees Celsius and the ‘sweats’ had not appeared. Claudia had played word find games, eaten some of yesterday’s cheese burger, and watched the conclusion to ‘Jaws’ and drank two Styrofoam cups of warm, milky Milo. ... More...

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Roadshow Winds Up National Tour

A video from NITV News on some final Roadshow thoughts: GenerationOne's Roadshow, which wrapped up in Sydney yesterday, has certainly been a fun, educational, and inspiring journey.Thanks to all that have been participating and devoting their time and resources to the GenerationOne cause - let's continue together in the fight against Indigenous disparity and inequality. ... More...

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GenerationOne Roadshow winds up in Redfern

I am a GenerationOne spokesperson and have been traveling with the roadshow on and off for the past 3 months. I am a Noongyar bloke from WA and am working with the Australian Employment Covenant and as a spokesperson for GenOne. The GenerationOne team has been to almost 60 locations across Australia from Coffs Harbour to Carnarvon, Port Augusta to Darwin and many more. We have engaged with thousands of inspiring young Australians all doing great work across our nation to end the disparity through education, training, mentoring and employment that lasts.  One young Australian, Kyra Kum-Sing, who attended our Redfern activation on Thursday evening at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence told her story of how a good education is a key to success. Kyra’s story is on our website.... More...

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GenerationOne supports the progress building with Djarragun Enterprises

Djarragun Enterprises has just released its 120-day update on the progress of its personal strategy to combat Indigenous employment disparity. Goals of the initiative included: Establishing 2 social enterprises – Djarragun Enterprises Construction and Djarragun Enterprises Landscaping and Yard Maintenance Employing their initial indigenous participants Generating revenue streams for each of the enterprises Developing routines, systems and processes for the smooth operation of Djarragun Enterprises (DE) ... More...

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Combating Indigenous Disparity at the Business Level

As mentioned in the previous post, the business community's help is crucial in the fight against Indigenous disparity. Mining company BHP Billiton's Sustainable Indigenous Relationships Program commits the company to doing its part in this struggle. ... More...

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Effectively Employing and Retaining Indigenous Staff

Closing the gap is going to take all of us, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, government, and, especially, the business community. Here is an example of an Indigenous Employment Strategy in the mining sector. Fortescue Metal Group currently employs over 400 Aboriginal employees, 220 of which are permanent staff which equates to 9% of the FMG workforce. Damien Ardagh, Manager of Fortescue's Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) says, "we realised that a new and different approach was needed to achieve effective, sustainable employment and well-being in the communities in which we work." You can read more about Fortescue's VTEC program, including how to get involved, on their website. ... More...

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WA announces new strategy to tackle employment disparity

It appears the WA government is taking some steps in the right direction. Check out this  great initiativeto link trained Aboriginal people with employers and ensure a smooth transition into work: Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier addressed the 'Training together-working together' summit today where he said outlined a series of findings and recommendations that aimed to establish a stronger connection between employers and aboriginal jobseekers. "Aboriginal people remain among the most severely disadvantaged groups in the labour market, so there was a clear need to improve this situation," he said. ... More...

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